Monday 6 January 2014

Life Drawing

I'm excited to share some drawings developed from quick gestural sketches done at Basic Inquiry during a three hour life drawing session. 

Original sketches were done with charcoal on newsprint. The beauty of newsprint is that it's cheap and not too precious freeing you from the fear of making mistakes. I've started looking through the 18 pages of figures and picked ones to play some more with. Using tracing paper I'm reworking and refining the figure studies with ink and brush.

Stretch Times 2

Stretch Times 3

Together 1

Together 2


Sunday 5 January 2014

Illustrator Quentin Blake on how he draws

Magic Crayon Fun

Inspired by the magic pencil and watercolour crayon drawings of Quentin Blake shown below. He is one of my favourite artists and children's book illustrators.

A Leap for Joy by Quentin Blake

The Story by Quentin Blake

Big Healthy Girls by Quentin Blake

Big Healthy Girls by Quentin Blake

Here are some of my magic crayon and watercolour experiments:

Cartwheel fun ingredients: magic crayons, watercolour, human spirit and play.

More cartwheel fun... A little watercolour for a friend with neon crayons (a new favourite).

Work in progress pirate blowing giant elephant bubbles inspired by such a pirate at the Moss Street Market in Victoria, BC.