Wednesday 27 October 2010

3-D Character Study Built From Scratch

I made this little guy in an illustration class I’m taking with the super fun, talented, and accomplished illustrator and chidren’s book author Lisa Cinar. The idea is to build a 3-D character to help develop a 2-D character. With a physical character you can:

1) change the position of the arms, legs, or even tentacles

2) look at your character from every angle (top, side, behind)

3) add lighting and see what happens, what do the shadows look like?

4) take photos to create different compositions

These are all very helpful tools to create and interesting and dynamic 2-D character.

Here’s the result of Part 2 of the exercise (3-D to 2-D):

Front View

Side View

Side View - bending over

For this bending forward position, I should have exaggerated the “tail” fronds forward to show the forward motion of this movement.

Here’s the results of Part 3 of the exercise experimenting with different drawing materials, drawing styles, and variations of the character. 

Version 2 - drawn with 4B graphite pencil

Version 3 - drawn with Pigma Brush Pen sepia

I can't wait to build another character friend for study!

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