Saturday 28 January 2012

Printmaking with Scratch-Foam

This afternoon I had the pleasure of hanging out with my niece and nephew and testing out the  Scratch-Foam I got at Opus. These are thin styrofoam plates that you can use for block printing by simply drawing on them with a pencil or pen. Max drew this ladybug. Then we inked up a piece of plexi-glass with speedball ink. He was really excited about using the roller to ink the surface. Then we placed a piece of paper on top, rubbed it well with our hands, and pulled a print. 

In fact, we printed an edition of 10 to share with family and friends. That's the beauty of printmaking. You can make more than one print of your image. Now we don't have to fight over his drawings :)

This is a very kid friendly product. It is simple and easy to work with and easy to clean up the water soluble printing inks. 

Ladybug by Max
Scratch-Foam Plate and Print

Letting the prints dry

Abstract print by Rory with the help of Naomi

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