Sunday 18 March 2012

Guo Fengyi at the Contemporary Art Gallery

This weekend I was captivated by the large scale, intricate, and mystical drawings of self taught artist Guo Fengyi showing at the Contemporary Art Gallery until April 15, 2012. Her work is described as "mark-making". There is something very satisfying about this idea of making marks. I found myself drawn to the colourful strokes of ink and the faces upon faces in her images. I will definitely be going back for another viewing. 


Guo Fengyi at work (photo courtesy of

Guo Fengyi began drawing after illness brought her to the healing 
practice of Qi-qong (a traditional Chinese health practice as a 
means to cultivate qi energy within the body). Combined with her 
study of theories of mysticism, she began having visions when in 
these meditative states which she felt compelled to translate into 
drawing. Guo’s subject matter encompasses these traditional 
concepts of thought with Chinese philosophy, myths, cosmology, 
acupuncture energy maps, divination and dynastic sites — all 
systems which are fast disappearing in a modernizing China. Her 
works are charged in every sense, bringing together notions of 
creativity as acts of everyday life. Redolent of fields of energy and 
magnetic auras, drawings manifest as suggestions of the human 
form, otherworldly beings and internal body parts, mapped 
against diagrammatic evocations of invisible worlds surrounding 
and influencing our existence

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